Miramar branching and other things

Mark Banner mbanner at mozilla.com
Tue May 10 21:55:50 UTC 2011

Hi folks,

We believe we've just finished landing the last of the string patches 
for Miramar (and we're also down to about 3 blockers).

Therefore we have just separated comm-central and comm-miramar. If you 
pull comm-miramar and run client.py, you'll get mozilla-miramar by 
default. If you need to push to both, you must now do so separately.

However, please don't push to mozilla-miramar - that is still being 
synced from mozilla-aurora.

This branching also means that the Miramar and ThunderbirdTrunk trees 
are now under separate sets of rules. I'm a bit behind on updating our 
documentation, but to land in Miramar you'll need to get approval (I'll 
get flags created tomorrow or Thursday).

We've also re-enabled the nightly builders for the trunk builds. We're 
holding ThunderbirdTrunk closed until the first round of these have been 
built. The builds will go to the expected locations:

  * comm-central:
  * comm-miramar:

(with appropriate -l10n directories as well).

The trunk nightly builds will also now be on the new channel system that 
we're going to be using for releases. This will mean that at the point 
where trunk gets merged from comm-central to comm-aurora, you will stay 
on the trunk builds and no-longer follow a particular version. We'll 
also be making the channel switcher available before that first merge.

I'll be getting more out on the mechanics and changes to how we work 

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