Phishing detection.

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Wed May 4 10:56:12 UTC 2011

On 03.05.2011 18:31, Blake Winton wrote:
> There have been some people working on Thunderbird's phishing detector 
> recently, and one of the things they brought up was Google's phishing 
> lists.

I have contacts to GMX/ (same company), which is the biggest mail 
provider for our users, after GMail. Given that, they have an in-house 
abuse team which is very agile. They have a Firefox toolbar which 
includes a Phishing filter, list maintained by that abuse team.

The list is at <>. P stands for "URL 
prefix". The toolbar fetches it every 15 minutes. An XMPP realtime 
broadcast is in the works; XMPP would make it faster than Google. Both 
are simpler to implement than Google's protocol, which is very complex, 
and our Firefox implementation is outright horrible for other reasons, too.

I don't know how the GMX abuse team compares to Google's phishing list, 
but using that list could be an option.


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