Getting on the release train - schedule & mechanics

Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue May 3 13:21:52 UTC 2011

On 03/05/2011 14:02, Robert Kaiser wrote:
> Mark Banner schrieb:
>> * comm-central: general development channel
>> * comm-aurora: Pref off/backout fixes/features which have been exposed
>> as problematic. Spot fixes. String Frozen.
>> * comm-beta: Very few changes, mainly small fixes which would prevent
>> a final release. Builds should be pretty much release worthy at this
>> stage.
> There will be a comm-release as well, right, which only has finals and 
> chemspills, just like for Firefox?
If that's what Firefox ends up doing, then yes. Currently I'm confused 
as some of their stuff indicates there will be one, and some of it 
doesn't. Additional, they've set up -aurora and -beta, but not -release 
yet. So I'm waiting to see, but it doesn't affect us at this stage anyway.

>> The next merge for mozilla-central -> mozilla-aurora takes place on
>> *24th May*. That's when we'll be merging comm-central -> comm-aurora.
> Hmm, I hoped we could pre-seed the repos with what you ship/develop in 
> Miramar. I'm somewhat concerned with my SeaMonkey hat on (but Callek 
> has more overview there) that we might not have a security update with 
> what Firefox 5 is shipping if we can't jump onto that train right 
> away, even if that might mean almost no suite/mailnews changes 
> compared to what SeaMonkey 2.1 ships from the comm-2.0 repo. But I'll 
> leave that to discussions between you and Callek.
See my previous email about Miramar. If you haven't string frozen yet, 
then you have to freeze and have locales complete their work by the 17th 
- that is, if you want to use the -aurora, -beta repos for an FF 5 
equivalent release.


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