Getting on the release train - schedule & mechanics

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at
Tue May 3 13:02:26 UTC 2011

Mark Banner schrieb:
> As Miramar won't be off the release train.

Sad to hear that, I thought you could be able to make that happen 
already with that one.

> After considering several ways of structuring the repositories, I
> realised that the best and easiest way for Thunderbird to be on the
> release train is to match the Firefox schedules for merging and
> releases.

I think that's the best for everyone involved, yes.

> * We can't call our builds based on "Aurora" the same, as that would
> clash with the Aurora builds of Firefox. We're currently thinking up a
> new name, although I'm debating on keeping the repository name as aurora
> as that keeps the developer end of how the repositories align consistent.

I agree, let's have the repo be comm-aurora and everyone can still come 
up with build names as needed.

> * comm-central: general development channel
> * comm-aurora: Pref off/backout fixes/features which have been exposed
> as problematic. Spot fixes. String Frozen.
> * comm-beta: Very few changes, mainly small fixes which would prevent
> a final release. Builds should be pretty much release worthy at this
> stage.

There will be a comm-release as well, right, which only has finals and 
chemspills, just like for Firefox?

> The next merge for mozilla-central -> mozilla-aurora takes place on
> *24th May*. That's when we'll be merging comm-central -> comm-aurora.

Hmm, I hoped we could pre-seed the repos with what you ship/develop in 
Miramar. I'm somewhat concerned with my SeaMonkey hat on (but Callek has 
more overview there) that we might not have a security update with what 
Firefox 5 is shipping if we can't jump onto that train right away, even 
if that might mean almost no suite/mailnews changes compared to what 
SeaMonkey 2.1 ships from the comm-2.0 repo. But I'll leave that to 
discussions between you and Callek.

Robert Kaiser

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