Getting on the release train - schedule & mechanics

Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue May 3 10:36:43 UTC 2011

As Miramar won't be off the release train. Here's what we are planning 
on doing to get onto the release train, and how the repositories are 

After considering several ways of structuring the repositories, I 
realised that the best and easiest way for Thunderbird to be on the 
release train is to match the Firefox schedules for merging and 
releases. Hence we'll do our merges on the say day as Firefox does 
theirs, our releases will potentially be on the same day, or maybe a few 
days after - we haven't finalised that bit of the plan yet.

*Repository Structure*

For the repository structure, we're going to match the mozilla-* repos:

  * comm-central, mozilla-central, l10n-central
  * comm-aurora*, mozilla-aurora, l10n-aurora
  * comm-beta, mozilla-beta, l10n-beta

* We can't call our builds based on "Aurora" the same, as that would 
clash with the Aurora builds of Firefox. We're currently thinking up a 
new name, although I'm debating on keeping the repository name as aurora 
as that keeps the developer end of how the repositories align consistent.

The mozilla-* and l10n-* repositories are the ones already created for 

I think we should follow the same rules and process as the mozilla-* 

In short:

  * comm-central: general development channel
  * comm-aurora: Pref off/backout fixes/features which have been exposed
    as problematic. Spot fixes. String Frozen.
  * comm-beta: Very few changes, mainly small fixes which would prevent
    a final release. Builds should be pretty much release worthy at this

*Initial Schedule*

The next merge for mozilla-central -> mozilla-aurora takes place on 
*24th May*. That's when we'll be merging comm-central -> comm-aurora.

Hence will be string complete on 24th May, and feature 
complete (unless features are backed out/disabled).

We realise this is only 2 weeks after the Miramar freeze, but we need to 
join the release train, and we're also happy for to be a 
backend/security update if we don't have time for many UI improvements, 
though I suspect we'll be able to get a few improvements in during that 

The next train would start 6 weeks after, i.e. 5th July.

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