Can we change try-comm-central to build using mozilla-2.0 by default?

Mark Banner mbanner at
Fri Mar 25 10:05:10 UTC 2011

On 25/03/2011 01:17, Andrew Sutherland wrote:
> While I see us wanting to be able to use the try-server to build 
> against both mozilla-2.0 and mozilla-central, I expect that:
> - the people who will want to build against mozilla-central will know 
> how to force it to use mozilla-central, namely Standard8
(add a patch into the patch tree that you're pushing to change 
the location of MOZILLA_REPO).
> - most patches will be targeting TB 3.3 until we lock it down, so the 
> friendliest thing is to build for TB 3.3 (mozilla-2.0)
> As such, I propose we do something that makes the try-server use 
> mozilla-2.0 by default.  This is especially relevant because our 
> mozmill tests already seem broken on mozilla-central.  (Maybe because 
> of extension compatibility/something trivial, maybe because of 
> something weird and complex.)
We can do this quite easily by getting try server to add the 
--mozilla-repo argument. The only disadvantage of this is that its then 
harder to push for other repos, including 1.9.2, (we'd need to adjust a bit more to ignore that argument), but we can at least stick 
that on a wiki page.

I think I'm in agreement with this idea, it seems the right thing to do 
at the moment.

(btw the new trunk will hopefully be set up later today)


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