Can we change try-comm-central to build using mozilla-2.0 by default?

Andrew Sutherland asutherland at
Fri Mar 25 01:17:45 UTC 2011

While I see us wanting to be able to use the try-server to build against 
both mozilla-2.0 and mozilla-central, I expect that:
- the people who will want to build against mozilla-central will know 
how to force it to use mozilla-central, namely Standard8
- most patches will be targeting TB 3.3 until we lock it down, so the 
friendliest thing is to build for TB 3.3 (mozilla-2.0)

As such, I propose we do something that makes the try-server use 
mozilla-2.0 by default.  This is especially relevant because our mozmill 
tests already seem broken on mozilla-central.  (Maybe because of 
extension compatibility/something trivial, maybe because of something 
weird and complex.)


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