"Trunk" Changes

Mark Banner mbanner at mozillamessaging.com
Wed Mar 23 15:25:13 UTC 2011

In this email, I'm talking about the trunk that is comm-central with 
mozilla-central, these builds are now identified as "3.4a1pre".

First, if you haven't seen already, --disable-ipc and --disable-libxul 
are now obsolete. We've just enabled IPC on the Thunderbird builds, so 
if you're getting build errors, make sure you're fully up to date.

As of earlier today, we have no builders building comm-central and 
mozilla-central, we're hoping to fix that sometime in the next 24 hours. 
These builders will report to a "ThunderbirdTrunk" tree: 
http://tinderbox.mozilla.org/showbuilds.cgi?tree=ThunderbirdTrunk and 
there will be one added on tbpl as well. This means the old 
"Thunderbird" tinderbox tree will become obsolete.


  * Our development focus is on Thunderbird 3.3, therefore:
      o The Miramar tree (comm-central with mozilla-2.0) is the one to
        be used to determine the current tree state.
      o Patches landing in comm-central shouldn't attempt to avoid
        breaking ThunderbirdTrunk unless really necessary (ask drivers
        if you're not sure).
      o ThunderbirdTrunk may be broken by patches landing in
          + If that happens, it is not a priority for these to be fixed,
            so bustage may go for a few days or more without being resolved.
  * There will be no nightlies for the ThunderbirdTrunk tree for a short
    while at least (as mentioned previously on this list).
  * If the complexity of handling Miramar and ThunderbirdTrunk both from
    comm-central becomes significant, then drivers will work out an
    appropriate way forward.
  * I'm intentionally not adding 3.4a1pre to addons.mozilla.org at this
    time. This caused us issues before, I'll discuss with drivers next
    week, and we'll reconsider it in any case when we start generating
    nightly builds.

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