Miramar Branch Builders now set up

Mark Banner mbanner at mozillamessaging.com
Wed Mar 23 15:12:01 UTC 2011

As mentioned in yesterday's status meeting, the short-notice plan to 
re-open mozilla-central has pushed work forward on creating branch 
builders as per my previous message on this topic.

 From now until we branch comm-central, the authoritative tree for 
checking into comm-central is the Miramar tree (tinderbox 
<http://build.mozillamessaging.com/tinderboxpushlog/?tree=Miramar> - 
tbpl coming as soon as build update the web instance); this tree is 
building comm-central with mozilla-2.0 and will form Thunderbird 3.3.

The default branding on the new tree has been changed to 
mail/branding/unofficial which means you'll get the Miramar branding in 
nightly and default self-builds.

The tree is currently a variety of colours, mainly caused by starting up 
a new tree, this should hopefully resolve itself within a couple of 
hours. At some point we'll also kick off nightly builds and verify they 

If you want to pull the tree, then you need a clone of comm-central with 
no mozilla directory. Then checkout as normal but adding the 
mozilla-repo argument to client.py:

./client.py checkout 

More about trunk in the next email.

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