Privacy issue with AOM

Mark Banner mbanner at
Mon Mar 14 09:47:09 UTC 2011

On 12/03/2011 20:22, JoeS wrote:
> I can't say if the above statement is correct or not for FF4, but it's 
> not true for TB trunk.
> An additional pref is involved (extensions.getAddons.cache.enabled)
> Disabling automatic extension updates does _not_ disable the 
> interactive discovery pane.
 From the various bugs it sounds like the Firefox privacy page needs 
updating, I'm not 100% sure, so I've asked a few more questions.

> Bug #640033 <> is 
> about adding UI to enable an opt-out to the discovery pane
If we did have it, then it should be in the add-on manager UI and not in 
a far off place like in preferences. I think we need to get the various 
pages updated first and see what feedback we get.

> I would also suggest changes to TB faq 
> <>, 
> explaining the discovery process and how to
> opt-out if so desired.
Agreed, note that Firefox already has that in its FAQ 
and I'm a bit surprised we didn't get it straight away, I'll be filing a 
bug for that.

> I'm not a privacy paranoid by any means, but let's not make "check in 
> background" ever
> equate to "check behind your back" The end user should always know 
> whats going on
> and have any easy way to opt-out.
Please remember that some of the things we pick up are Firefox driven, 
and we either haven't caught up with everything yet, or we just haven't 
noticed yet as in this instance - thanks for bringing it up.

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