Miramar Alpha 3 schedule

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at libertytrek.org
Fri Mar 11 17:36:18 UTC 2011

On 2011-03-11 7:54 AM, Jonathan Protzenko wrote:
> Granularity = a subfolder is created in your archives folder, e.g. 
> Archives/2010, Archives/2011. Granularity = flat implies everything 
> goes into the Archives folder. Granularity = year implies messages go 
> into Archives/2011, granularity  = month implies messages go into 
> Archives/2011/03, in a sub-sub-folder, that is.
> I don't understand what you're asking when you say "What is the bug?". 
> Jim pointed out the bug in his previous message in this thread.

As I said... I didn't understand what 'the bug' was... I read it many

But, now that you explained what granularity is, I now understand it, so
thanks... ;)

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