MozMill tests enabled for Linux on trunk - Please star/file oranges before landing

Mark Banner mbanner at
Fri Mar 11 11:35:38 UTC 2011

Thanks go to Andrew for fixing the remaining permanent orange on the 
Linux boxes at the same time as implementing rich context logging.

This means we now have MozMill tests enabled for our Linux platforms on 
trunk builds and the set is complete.

I'd like to request that we start ensuring that we star random oranges 
before landing, and file bugs on new ones if necessary.

We've already found a few frequent failing ones on Linux and we're 
already looking at fixing those.

If you're not sure if a failure is random, then gozer, jhopkins or 
myself (currently) are able to re-run specific builds - these can be 
just the actual test run itself, which saves a lot of time. The test 
re-running can also be done on try server if you want several runs there.


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