Increasing Thunderbird testing reach

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Tue Mar 8 01:11:16 UTC 2011

On 3/5/11 5:41 AM, Wayne Mery (vn) wrote:
> I rarely visit AMO+Firefox, but in doing so today I see they advertise 
> the Firefox beta, which is an awesome idea. AMO users are certainly a 
> prime example of the type of audience we need to reach to gain the 
> testers required to make Thunderbird better. Something for us to 
> strongly consider emulating, as one more way to reach adventurous and 
> helpful users.
>  =>  Firefox 
> 4 Beta: 
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Good idea; I totally agree.  We'll definitely want to get to beta before 
we do it, given risk averseness around email...


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