Update not working properly (by design)

Mark Banner mbanner at mozillamessaging.com
Mon Mar 7 14:03:57 UTC 2011

On 07/03/2011 13:34, Ben Bucksch wrote:
> I quickly found that she was still using TB 3.0. That already is major 
> FAIL. Why's that happening?
All users on a branch will get automatically updated to the latest 
version if:

  * They have update checking and automatic updates turned on (which is
  * They have the appropriate access to alter the Thunderbird files
  * They restart Thunderbird to obtain the update (after automatic
    update, although it does prompt them after a while)

I believe that if you require admin permissions for updates, then 
prompting non-admin users only started in the 1.9.2 branch (3.1), but I 
may be wrong there.

If she satisfies those options, and is still not receiving automatic 
updates, then it should be treated as a bug and investigated as such.

> Worse, I asked her to go to Help | Update..., it downloaded and 
> installed the update. We tried again, it again didn't work. I checked 
> the version again, and it was 3.0.10 - a higher version than before 
> (3.0.3 or something), but still 3.0!
> Why is this broken updater updating to an EOLed release?
Due to the way updates work, and the required testing matrix, a user 
that is on one security branch typically has to update to the latest 
release on that branch before upgrading to the latest major release. I 
think that is reasonable, especially as typically around 90% of users on 
a particular branch have updated to the latest version before we push 

Sometimes updating to the latest version on a branch before being 
offered an update to the next major release is unavoidable due to 
necessary changes in the update mechanisms.

They will always be able to get to the latest version, but it may take 
an update cycle or two.

I'm a bit surprised that it was 3.0.10 that she got updated to, I'd have 
expected 3.0.11. I've just checked on my Mac and 3.0.11 was the latest. 
I guess it could depend on how long the update had been pending or even 
partially downloaded, but that really does re-enforce the question of 
why she hasn't been prompted/updated already.

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