heads up: tab re-ordering, undo tab have landed; please test a bit

Andrew Sutherland asutherland at asutherland.org
Fri Mar 4 03:43:24 UTC 2011

Thanks to work by Thomas Schmid on Bug 468808, tab reordering 
functionality has landed along with bonus undo tab functionality.  This 
should functionality should be available in tomorrow morning's nightlies.

Given that I think we are trying to spin up Alpha 3 soon, it would be 
great if people can give it a whirl and shake out any glitches.

Please note that there are some known limitations, particularly that 
only persistable tabs work with "undo close tab" or "move to new window" 
or dragging tabs between windows.  All tabs can be reordered within a 
window without problems, although you can't change who is the left-most 
tab.  The tab persistence mechanism is the same mechanism used for 
session restore, which means that "gloda" tabs cannot be unclosed or 
dragged between windows, etc.

Limitations of existing tab types should be followed as enhancements for 
the tab type in question, rather than as a deficiency against the tabbed 
interface in general.


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