Thunderbird tinderbox builders fixed on good mozilla-central revision

Mark Banner mbanner at
Wed Mar 2 13:30:07 UTC 2011

On 01/03/2011 23:27, Mark Banner wrote:
> Due to the ongoing crash bug 636795 
> <> and the fact 
> we'd like to get Alpha 3 out soon ish, I've taken the decision to fix 
> the version of mozilla-central that the Thunderbird tinderboxes use to 
> revision a9a670d16a92.
The crash bug is now fixed and I've de-restricted the tinderboxes to use 
the latest version again.

Currently waiting on a few more builds to cycle green before re-opening 
the tree (probably in an hour or two).

Note that nightly builds will be delayed today, as I stopped and 
restarted them so that they would pick up the fix (although it did seem 
to be test-code only that was affected).

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