Thunderbird tinderbox builders fixed on good mozilla-central revision

Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue Mar 1 23:27:15 UTC 2011

Due to the ongoing crash bug 636795 
<> and the fact we'd 
like to get Alpha 3 out soon ish, I've taken the decision to fix the 
version of mozilla-central that the Thunderbird tinderboxes use to 
revision a9a670d16a92.

This means that we can re-open the tree and let patches land.

I've got some staging boxes that I'll be keeping an eye on for any other 

Hopefully this won't be for long (indeed, it could just be a few hours), 
but this at least guarantees that we can move comm-central forward for a 

Canary is still in development, so unfortunately we can't yet use that, 
but the parts we have got working are working nicely and would have kept 
the tree on the good revision and green.

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