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Jonathan Protzenko jonathan.protzenko at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 22:56:34 UTC 2011

You should send a quick email to amo-editors at mozilla.org to ask them to 
review your addon ASAP. They're usually quite reactive and when I need 
to rush out a release of Thunderbird Conversations because nasty bugs 
have been discovered, I email them, and it frequently happens that the 
addon is approved overnight.


On Thu 30 Jun 2011 03:50:44 PM PDT, Leni Mayo wrote:
> Had I been asked, my response (re: zindus) would have been v. similar to 
> the one described below.
> I did upload an update to the (zindus) addon at AMO before TB5 launch. 
> It's now sitting in the review queue. And I'm dealing with the spike in 
> support requests. Six months ago this wouldn't have happened because the 
> addon was trusted.
> Leni.
> On 30/06/11 7:22 PM, Gervase Markham wrote:
>> One of my most-used extensions is not compatible with Thunderbird 5.
>> Having read the appropriate forum, I emailed the developer and asked:
>> "It seems like the release of Thunderbird 5 took you rather by surprise.
>> Is that fair to say? If so, that may indicate that we've done a bad job
>> of communicating with extension authors about the upcoming releases.
>> Would you say you'd had any emails about it, or encouragements to
>> upgrade your extension to work with the new version? If not, we should
>> see what went wrong there."
>> This guy is not disconnected from the Mozilla community, or
>> unresponsive. And yet the speed of our release did surprise him. His
>> reply is below; I think it may help us learn some lessons.
>> Gerv
>> <snip>
>> Hi,
>> I was surprised that the beta-phase was so short.
>> I usually start update my extension when the first Beta is released so
>> that the API is frozen. Because I once tried to update during the alphas
>> but the API changed so much so the extension broke several times.
>> I know that the first beta was release around 1 month ago because I
>> follow a lot of Mozilla blogs. But I just expected that the beta-phase
>> was going to be like it normally is and that is to be during several
>> months. So I wasn't in any hurry to update<Extension>.
>> Then the 20th June I got an email saying that the 28th of June
>> Thunderbird 5 is going to be released. Which I think is way to late to
>> inform addons developers that it is time to update their extensions. If
>> it only was to bump the max-version that would have been enough but not
>> when you need to do changes and test the extension.
>> I think there should be an email sent out when the first Beta is
>> released saying that the API is now frozen and it is time to update the
>> extensions. And it should also very clearly state when they expect to
>> release the final version so developers know how much time they have.
>> I don't think that it should be expected that developers keep there
>> extensions up to date and working during alphas or nightlies.
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