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Thu Jun 30 18:27:29 UTC 2011

On 06/28/2011 08:08 PM, Blake Winton wrote:
> The first pair of ideas is to set the default toolbar format to 
> text-beside and small icons, and to hide the menu, as per Firefox, IE, 
> Windows Finder, and others.  That would look something like this (with 
> 79 pixels of glass high):
Wow, I'm really surprised this wasn't the default already. I guess I 
should run TB with a fresh profiles more often.
This sounds like a really easy fix and can be done rather quickly. I had 
a bit mixed feeling about the hiding of the menu. This because my 
impression was that the apps that hide their menubar was designed to 
work without menus and adding the menu back were for the 
I-want-it-like-I-always-had-it-since-win95-crowd and that Thunderbird 
wasn't one of those.
Upon looking through the menus it seems a lot of the actions are 
accessible from other places in the UI however, so I'm less worried 
about this change now.
> This seems better, but I think we could do more.  I'm hoping that we 
> can get all the way to (54 pixels of glass high):
I agree with hiding the tabs by default. It makes more sense in Firefox 
as that is more tab focused and allows you to add new empty tabs on the 
fly. As long as we can figure out where to put the filter bar (obvious 
place is main toolbar) it should be all right.
Yay for killing pixels!
- Andreas
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