Re: Summary of the situation with the composition process — thoughts wanted

JoeS joesab2005 at
Thu Jun 30 01:20:41 UTC 2011

On 6/29/2011 7:33 PM, Jim wrote:
> The main reason I haven't bothered (and, I suspect, why many other 
> devs haven't) is that I use the plain text editor. To be honest, I'm 
> not even really sure what the specific problems people have with the 
> composer are (aside from backend issues); you mentioned a few, but I'm 
> sure there are more out there.
You could start by actually using the HTML Editor...right here might not 
be a bad place to start. If you don't understand the problems, there is 
little incentive to fix them. I would suggest that you not restrict 
yourself to the minimal UI in the formatting toolbar, but try to 
actually compose a mini- webpage. You might say that email composition 
doesn't relate to Web pages...My answer to that is "What is the 
attraction of Facebook and the other social networks, if not exchanging 
discourse in a Web-like fashion."
I did this completely with Thunderbird. To get an understanding of the 
problems..try snipping this section, and editing it so that the Gecko 
appears floated to the right instead of the left. You might get 
enlightened by the effort. You can send the result to my email address, 
rather than here, if you wish.
> Having a full list of these problems would help enormously, even if we 
> just focused on frontend issues for the time being. If we had a list 
> like that, I would probably be able to fix some of the issues. Even 
> though that might not make the composer "great", it would at least 
> make it "better".
I moved down here with the cursor, and guess chosen font has 
changed to variable width.
That would be #1 on the list.
[MailNews Core] - New paragraph (e.g. list) clears formatting, does not 
respect font prefs for HTML messages [All]
21 Dups 44 cc's orig bug 2004-07-09

I compiled this list about a year and a half ago, so the Dups, and CC 
counts are I'm sure incorrect/invalid or whatever.
[Thunderbird] - Attachment error when saving twice as draft a mail 
template containing an inline image [All]
3 Dups 23 cc's orig bug 2007-05-11
[MailNews Core] - escape issues with mailbox urls in the compose window 
7 Dups 10 cc's orig bug 2003-11-04

[MailNews Core] - Reply/Forward/Edit of .EML file corrupts image URL 
(bad escape) [All]

[Thunderbird] - Copy and Paste breaks mail-internal links <a 
href="#anchor"> (private profile links get sent, broken) [All]
[MailNews Core] - Image sent embedded is not used for the style sheet. 
CID: url types doesn't work for CSS [All]
4 Dups 11 cc's orig bug 2002-06-28
[Thunderbird] - Attachment error when saving twice as draft a mail 
template containing an inline image [All]
4 Dups 23 cc's orig bug 2007-05-11
[Core:Editor] - Adding float style causes some pre-existing style 
attributes to be dropped [All]
1 Dup 5 cc's orig bug 2004-06-20
Note: the advanced editor is a feature that most users simply don't know 
It's difficult to use, gives no syntax help, but if you know a little 
CSS, works fine, except for the above bug.
[MailNews Core] - Send Page received with added text in color. [All]
13 Dups 22 cc's orig bug 2000-03-08

[MailNews Core] - MIME messages should be displayed using separate DOM 
documents for each part [All]

A couple of those might actually not be Core/Editor but Libmime or the 
way we render the message as one big document.


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