Re: Summary of the situation with the composition process — thoughts wanted

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at
Thu Jun 30 00:38:13 UTC 2011

Jim schrieb:
> Much of the stuff in the editor UI could probably be worked on,
> independent of any backend changes. There are some really obvious places
> that we could improve that probably wouldn't take a whole lot of effort
> or specialized knowledge. Some simple projects would be to make the
> formatting toolbar customizable, or to make the "Insert" menubutton into
> a dual-button that defaults to inserting an image.

Note that Ian Neal is working on making the Composer (including message 
compose) toolbars customizable for SeaMonkey and has been fixing a few 
strange things in shared editor/ui code as preparatory work, I guess 
both sides can profit from that work in the end and Ian would be glad 
about help on this.


Robert Kaiser

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