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Blake Winton bwinton at
Wed Jun 29 13:56:25 UTC 2011

On 11-06-29 6:38 , Tanstaafl wrote:
> On 2011-06-28 2:08 PM, Blake Winton wrote:
>> But that could cause problems with extensions that put their buttons in
>> the tab bar.
> What about extensions that want to be able to put their buttons into the
> *Titlebar* - like, for example, the 'Personal Titlebar' extension that I
> currently use in Firefox, that will be able to work with Thunderbird
> once it moves to the next version of Gecko?

I have no idea.  But that's not really what this conversation is about, 
since moving buttons into the titlebar would be very confusing for users 
who didn't expect it.

(We're on the latest version of Gecko, so you could ask the author to 
try again though.)

> This is funny... here you all are, arguing over how to gain a little
> more UI space, and I *already* - with version 3.1.11 and two extensions
> - have a minimalist UI that provides *far* more room than your screen
> mockups, and provided working screenshots, and *not a single one of you*
> has commented on or otherwise asked me about them.

I don't remember seeing the screenshots.  Do you have a link to them? 
(I should mention that if they're all about removing the message header, 
or are drastically different from the conventions of the operating 
system they're on, then they aren't helpful for getting rid of the Aero 
Glass, and so I wouldn't be interested in them for this thread…  ;)

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