Too much glass…

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Wed Jun 29 10:51:57 UTC 2011

On 2011-06-28 4:46 PM, Richard Marti wrote:
> *Blake Winton* wrote:
>> Okay, after seeing Bienvenu's post and the comments in #maildev, I take 
>> it back.  I would break from Firefox, and just add a right-click option 
>> to hide the menu, a la Firefox. 
>>  That way the 
>> user would be able to minimize the glass, but would still see the menu 
>> by default.

> This is like it's done in Bug 581661

But it doesn't look like this bug also provides for the single point of
entry 'Thunderbird button, similar to the Firefox button')?

I would really like for this option, so I don't have to rely on one of
the 'Tinymenu' extension devs, and I think I'm not alone (lots of
netbook users out there)...

This would mean I could use the same two extensions as I use for Firefox
('Personal Titlebar' and 'Movable Firefox Button', and config my UI the
same way - neat, clean, and simple.

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