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Wed Jun 29 09:39:37 UTC 2011

On 29.06.2011 03:35, Justin Wood (Callek) wrote:
> On 6/28/2011 4:44 PM, David Bienvenu wrote:
>> I'd be OK with disabling menus on new profiles and doing the alt 
>> thing to show them. I know there are users who simply get a new 
>> machine and want their stuff to work like it did on the old machine, 
>> but that's less of an issue than getting a silent update and having 
>> your menus disappear :-) And I think we really want some sort of 
>> profile migration add-on or app to make it easier for people to move 
>> profiles from old machines
> Before we go the route of hiding by default, I humbly ask you go 
> through your list of menu items and assure yourselves that if a 
> relatively clueless user had no idea that ALT + <release> would show 
> the menu.... if they could do any and all essential functions of an 
> app/thunderbird/troubleshooting/etc.
> I particularly worry for habits like "File->Exit", "File->Print" (more 
> common in e-mails than Browser), ... account settings, options, ... 
> Help (almost all items).
> Also now having a win7 machine, having absoletely no menu is not 
> common in the apps I have used, except for video games (which have a 
> more splash-screen-like menu).
+1 NOT to go with:   ALT + <release> would show the menu....
As mentioned with other thread already, there is the widely used method 
with mouse hover to open menus. That technique (I would it call 
mainstream feature) is well known by a wide user base as many web pages 
over that:

If the keybord oriented user needs that ALT + <release>, fine, add it 
also .. but what is the user base Thunderbird is addressing? We should 
over mainstream feature to the main user base.


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