Too much glass…

Alan Lord (Gmail) alanslists at
Wed Jun 29 06:43:56 UTC 2011

On 28/06/11 21:19, Blake Winton wrote:
> On 11-06-28 16:16 , Andrew Sutherland wrote:

>> I presume this would also mean creating some kind of
>> single-point-of-access to the menu like Firefox/IE/etc. have and that
>> it's not shown in the screenshot because it would require photoshopping?
> Well, that would be nice, but that's more than I was thinking of doing.
> I would merely have the menu show when you hit the <Alt> key. (Again,
> just copying the behaviour of Firefox, IE, Windows Explorer, etc…)


This feature is not something I am familiar with on Linux, I trust that 
any plans will be cross-platform?

I do agree in general that TB is very wasteful of screen real-estate; 
especially at the top so this is a good thread. The Compact-header 
extension also helps a bit with the message view layout.



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