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Blake Winton bwinton at
Tue Jun 28 20:40:06 UTC 2011

On 11-06-28 16:28 , Andrew Sutherland wrote:
> On 06/28/2011 01:19 PM, Blake Winton wrote:
>>> I presume this would also mean creating some kind of
>>> single-point-of-access to the menu like Firefox/IE/etc. have and that
>>> it's not shown in the screenshot because it would require photoshopping?
>> Well, that would be nice, but that's more than I was thinking of
>> doing. I would merely have the menu show when you hit the <Alt> key.
>> (Again, just copying the behaviour of Firefox, IE, Windows Explorer,
>> etc…)
> Ah, I did not actually realize that was a thing. Neat. Would this be
> something covered by a migration wizard? ex: "Keep the menu bar around
> all the time, or just have it show up when you hit the 'alt' key?"

I would probably just change it, on the basis that that's the behaviour 
users of Windows 7 have come to expect from applications on that platform.

Okay, after seeing Bienvenu's post and the comments in #maildev, I take 
it back.  I would break from Firefox, and just add a right-click option 
to hide the menu, a la Firefox.  That way the 
user would be able to minimize the glass, but would still see the menu 
by default.

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