captive portal detection in Thunderbird

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Tue Jun 28 17:19:59 UTC 2011

On 28.06.2011 01:02, Bryan Clark wrote:
> *Privacy*
> Obviously there can be privacy concerns with information collection as 
> I'm making a web call on the users behalf every time the network goes 
> up / down or Thunderbird is started.

Yes, that's why instead, you could do that only when you get a certain 
error code while trying to connect to the mail server. If you get 
"connection refused", "timeout" or similar, you make that web call.

(Yes, you need to hook up to whatever UI shows the mail connection 
errors. bienvenu can surely help.)
This then also serves as a diagnostic tool in case of other network 

To further counter the privacy issues, I think you should ask the user. 
Something like "The connection to the mail server failed. To 
diagnose whether your Internet connection works, we'd like to open a 
webpage. [OK] [Ignore]"

> However this is no different than the Thunderbird start page

(Yes, this is a "call home" privacy problem, too, and should IMHO be 
changed to an about: page.)

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