captive portal detection in Thunderbird

Siddharth Agarwal sid at
Tue Jun 28 01:07:51 UTC 2011

On 27-06-2011 16:02, Bryan Clark wrote:
> Hey -
> I've been working on a Thunderbird add-on that tries to detect captive 
> portals <>.  For 
> Thunderbird (compared to Firefox) I think this is a fairly 
> straightforward problem to solve.  I wanted to talk a bit about my 
> solution to the problem and what issues still exist. I'm not sure if 
> this is something that could be merged into Thunderbird in the future 
> but I think that's a conversation that makes sense to have; it also 
> makes sense to have someone else write that code. ;-)

I think doing something like what Microsoft does to detect captive 
portals in Windows 7 is the sanest approach to the problem. See and

I don't think the privacy implications to this are anything beyond those 
of displaying the Thunderbird start page.

- Sid
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