Schedule for incrementing allowed AMO updates

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Thu Jun 23 19:27:14 UTC 2011

Tanstaafl wrote:
> Yeah, I see that now... if it is a one-time prompt that, if denied,
> will not appear again unless/until it is manually updated, then this
> won't be as bad as I first thought, I'll just have to take a
> screenshot of it, and tell my users if they see this update prompt
> they should deny it (we have a good number of extensions we use
> inhouse)...

Ok, I just tested this new update process in Firefox after making a safe
copy of my profile (I'm talking about Firefox here, but I'm assuming
that Thunderbird will copy their process)...

The only real complaint I have is, you have to click the 'Apply Update'
button BEFORE you are taken to the screen that tells you what extensions
- if any - aren't compatible. It does give you the opportunity to 'Back'
out of the update, but imho, this is bass-ackwards.

When an update is available, you should be told whether or not you have
any incompatible extensions BEFORE you click on the 'Apply Update button.

Other than that, I was very surprised to see that the only incompatible
extension I had (out of 36 active) was the LogMeIn extension... not too
shabby... too bad I use LogMeIn all the time...

So, maybe the TB devs could get with the FF devs and fix the above, and
then this new update process won't be too bad - I'll just write up a
How-To for my users that explains when to update and when not to, and if
the goof, then bad on them...

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