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klint olivier.mitschi at
Wed Jun 22 20:24:16 UTC 2011

Hi Jonathan
Thanks for your answer :)

Actually, many Windows XP users (like me) may be used to having all the XP 
menus and buttons set to 8px or 10px by default, and the TB mail bodies set 
to 16px by default (the mail bodies only, as all other TB chrome elements, 
including the message list, still use the Windows XP sizes, 8 or 10).
That is why it's really not a problem to me (on the contrary ;) ) to have 
the Conversations chrome in a small size (10px for instance  as per the 
XP-level setting), whereas the message bodies in expanded mode are in the 
default mail body size (16px for instance, as per the TB display option 
This way, the less important information (chrome) is minimized and emphasis 
is put on the important one: the mail body.

I don't know how all this works on other OSs though :)

Having said that, I just have checked how it would render without the 75% 
scaling: even if the expanded bodies are now ok, the conversations in shrunk 
mode look do not look well actually (too big, too few info displayed on a 
conversation page). So maybe it is not worth spending your time and energy 
on removing the scaling everywhere optionally :)

So, unless you agree with me on this one day, I think I will have to get 
used to it and buy glasses ;)


PS: I know you don't like to add options: but is there a way to deactivate 
the Conversation view without deactivating the add-on itself? I haven't 
found it! And in some circumstances, navigating in the legacy view is still 
more efficient imho ;) 
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