Re : Thunderbird Conversations & font issues

Jonathan Protzenko jonathan.protzenko at
Wed Jun 22 19:07:07 UTC 2011

Hi Olivier,

On 06/21/2011 03:28 PM, klint wrote:
> Hi Jonathan
> What I'm not getting, is why the system messages/buttons labels in the 
> TB Conversation pane should have a size proportional to the font size 
> used for the body itself. In my opinion everything but the body should 
> be of a size set at OS level (like the size of the menu items or 
> header pane, on Windows XP), while the body should use the size set at 
> Thunderbird's display option level.
If I take the example of my Linux box, here's what your solution would 
- conversation chrome (= conversation title, menus, etc.) at 12px,
- by default, since the message body size is 16px, the message bodies 
would be at 16px as well, which imho would be ugly.

This setting allows us to:
* have consistent font sizes between the conversation chrome and the 
mail bodies and,
* end up in 12px everywhere assuming the user didn't change their font 
settings, which is exactly the design that Andy had in mind when he did 
the original mockups.
> Also, it would be very helpful IMHO to have a setting in the TB 
> Conversations options to be able to choose between smaller font for 
> the body (75% of the default one in TB) or normal font (100% of the 
> default font in TB).
Seeing that many users seem to complain about it, I might add an option 
that reads "scale down fonts in conversations" that would allow you to 
disable the 75% factor. While I tend to be against options profusion, as 
it makes my life impossible, I might be able to add this in a future 
release as I understand the scaling down doesn't fit everyone.
> Currently, I could set the default font 33% larger than usual (like 
> 22px instead of 16px) to obtain a perfect body ;) but then:
> - the system messages/buttons labels in TB Conversations seem to be 
> larger than similar elements elsewhere in TB, which is odd
Disabling the 75% scaling everywhere would still yield bigger buttons in 
the conversation view.
> - and every message composed in the compose window have HUGE characters.
But it would indeed solve this issue.

I'm not sure this is the best solution overall. The rationale is : we 
are very limited in space for the conversation view, so we need to scale 
things down. And I don't think anyone wants a 12px chrome with 16px mail 
bodies, as this is not consistent. I'm still not convinced that your 
solution would actually help...


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