Re : Thunderbird Conversations & font issues

klint olivier.mitschi at
Tue Jun 21 22:28:37 UTC 2011

Hi Jonathan

What I'm not getting, is why the system messages/buttons labels in the TB 
Conversation pane should have a size proportional to the font size used for 
the body itself. In my opinion everything but the body should be of a size 
set at OS level (like the size of the menu items or header pane, on Windows 
XP), while the body should use the size set at Thunderbird's display option 

Also, it would be very helpful IMHO to have a setting in the TB 
Conversations options to be able to choose between smaller font for the body 
(75% of the default one in TB) or normal font (100% of the default font in 

Currently, I could set the default font 33% larger than usual (like 22px 
instead of 16px) to obtain a perfect body ;) but then:
- the system messages/buttons labels in TB Conversations seem to be larger 
than similar elements elsewhere in TB, which is odd
- and every message composed in the compose window have HUGE characters.

Maybe this is too simple or has already been discussed somewhere else; 
anyway, these were my 50cts :)


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