Re: Summary of the situation with the composition process — thoughts wanted

David Bienvenu dbienvenu at
Tue Jun 21 23:24:09 UTC 2011

Some random thoughts:

Enabling new ways of creating and sending messages is important. Yes, nsIMsgSend has a lot of [noscript] methods but if spending the couple days it would take to make it 
entirely scriptable would be helpful, we should do it.  In general, I'm all in favor of making things scriptable. And now that we have a rapid release schedule, there's 
less reason to work around non-scriptable interfaces and instead just fix them.  There are very few interfaces that are noscript for a good reason anywhere in the mailnews 

And once the interfaces are scriptable, if someone wants to implement nsIMsgSend in js, then they can, and we can throw out the mess that is nsMsgSend.cpp. Yes, the 
interface could be simplified and features thrown out, but I don't think doing that should block innovation like Conversations or compose in a tab. If it would take a month 
to make it scriptable, then it would be different, but it looks fairly straightforward to me.

Re just sending in utf8, yeah, that's enormously appealing. I'd love to hear from people in other locales (e.g., Japan) if there's any reason not to always do that.

Drag-dropping images into a compose window is a lot easier than using the menu commands.

- David

On 6/21/2011 11:35 AM, Jonathan Protzenko wrote:
> A few months ago, I worked on an experiment to see how much of these we could replace easily with JS parts. The goals are, roughly, as follows.

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