Schedule for incrementing allowed AMO updates

Kent James kent at
Thu Jun 16 16:35:27 UTC 2011

On 6/16/2011 2:02 AM, Mark Banner wrote:
> Even with automatic updates, I believe we won't be automatically 
> updating a user if their extensions are incompatible. If you've seen 
> something to the contrary, please let me know.
I have not heard either way. But it sounds risky to me to hold off on 
updates (which are also security updates) because of an incompatible 
addon. But it also sounds annoying to update and break an extension that 
might be important to the user. This process is going to be challenging.
> So here is the rough plan of what will be happening:
>   * ...
>   * Once aurora has been stabilised wrt features, add x.* version to
>     AMO (this may actually happen earlier). At the same time, re-run
>     the compatibility bump tool, and bump add-on max versions to x.*.
> Hence this will get us compatibility for beta users before the merge 
> to the beta channel and the first beta build.
That is the main point I would like to see. The timing will be quite 
tight however. It would be good to have a target date relative to the 
cutover date when this will be done.

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