Version number changes for Thunderbird

Thomas Düllmann thomas.duellmann at
Fri Jun 10 18:34:37 UTC 2011

On 31.05.2011 00:09, Thomas Düllmann wrote:
> ...My whole-hearted agreement on Karsten's scepticism against the new 
> versioning intentions. ...
> Imagine Thunderbird 10 and we may still not be able to search all of 
> our address books in one go - wouldn't that be weird?
Fwiw, I was wrong. I underestimated user sensitivity to our version 
numbers, which are about to become meaningless.
Bug 170270 (Cannot search multiple/all addressbooks), comment 25:

> It's incredible how this crippled functionality still persists since ever... We
> are already heading for version 5.0 and nothing.

In view of this, my above statement should probably read:
Imagine Thunderbird *5* and we may still not be able to search all of 
our address books in one go - wouldn't that be weird?

For business maintenance and private support, we also make life harder 
with the new version numbers:
So far, asking users for the version number would provide an easy and 
immediate impression if they need to update or not: "I'm on version 2" 
-> "you better update" // "I am on version 3" -> "that's quite recent". 
Between version numbers of 20something+ nobody will be able to keep 
track and give such advice. Of course, automatical updates should be 
"on", but given the high number of arguable UI changes, not everybody 
will want that...

While some people are dreaming of SwanBird (certainly nice, but not to 
be expected before new version 1000...), others just want a fully 
functional mail reader that let's them search all of their address 
books, or that doesn't delete their mail when they press DEL on a 
selected and focussed attachment, to name but a few...

+1 for the compromise suggestion of having main version numbers as we 
had them (3, 4, 5) + sub-version number according to ff/gecko (5+x):
4.105 - the best of both worlds. And something more appropriate to 
describe the state of the bird in terms of bugs and (missing) features.

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