Code names for Trunk builds

John Hopkins jhopkins at
Wed Jun 8 21:10:41 UTC 2011

On 11-06-08 12:55 PM, Patrick Ben Koetter wrote:
> * Mark Banner<mbanner at>:
>> I'm starting this as a separate thread to make collation easier.
>> Firefox changed Minefield to Nightly as they wanted to attract more
>> users to it and soften the name. We're thinking about changing the
>> name for Shredder, though we haven't decided for definite yet. This
>> decision may take us longer to complete on as trunk builds are
>> already set up, and we're focused on getting the rapid releases
>> moving smoothly, however as we're thinking about aurora code names,
>> now seemed a good time to kick off the discussion.
>> Therefore, any suggestions for a new name for the trunk/nightly
>> builds of Thunderbird?
> I don't think I really have a good idea for a name, but I believe I have a
> good guideline:
> Everybody is working hard to reduce information overflow, to make interfaces
> easier to understand and to reduce unneeded complexity.
> Language is also an interface. Make peoples life easier. Get to the point.
> Don't be too poetic. Use names that tell what it is.
> This said, I'd use something everyone recognizes out of Thunderbird context
> e.g. "Recent" or create an association along something people know from
> Thunderbird e.g. "Hatching".

Good point.  The simplest replacement for Nightly I can think of is Daily.


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