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* Mark Banner <mbanner at>:
> I'm starting this as a separate thread to make collation easier.
> Firefox changed Minefield to Nightly as they wanted to attract more
> users to it and soften the name. We're thinking about changing the
> name for Shredder, though we haven't decided for definite yet. This
> decision may take us longer to complete on as trunk builds are
> already set up, and we're focused on getting the rapid releases
> moving smoothly, however as we're thinking about aurora code names,
> now seemed a good time to kick off the discussion.
> Therefore, any suggestions for a new name for the trunk/nightly
> builds of Thunderbird?

I don't think I really have a good idea for a name, but I believe I have a
good guideline:

Everybody is working hard to reduce information overflow, to make interfaces
easier to understand and to reduce unneeded complexity.

Language is also an interface. Make peoples life easier. Get to the point.
Don't be too poetic. Use names that tell what it is.

This said, I'd use something everyone recognizes out of Thunderbird context
e.g. "Recent" or create an association along something people know from
Thunderbird e.g. "Hatching".

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