Schedule for incrementing allowed AMO updates

Kent James kent at
Wed Jun 8 15:48:16 UTC 2011

I don't know if this is the correct place to discuss this, and I have 
not been following any parallel FF discussions, but let me make my case 

I believe that it should be possible for extension writers to maintain 
their extensions such that extensions are declared compatible with a new 
Thunderbird version BEFORE any automatic update occurs. Formerly, at 
least in theory someone could delay an update until their critical 
extensions were compatible. With automatic updates, that is not 
possible, so an extension writer who is diligent should update their 
extension compatibility before the automatic update occurs. This is 
particularly critical for the aurora->beta transition, as we should not 
expect beta users to maintain a capability to manually declare an 
extension compatible.

For this to happen, then the allowed AMO compatibility needs to be 
incremented from x.0a2 to x.0 with a reasonable delay before the beta 
channel users will receive their core update. I would suggest that this 
increment is done right after the code for a version is copied into the 
aurora repository. Then extension writers would then have the 6 week 
aurora window to fix their extension compatibility and get it reviewed 
and updated before the automatic beta channel core update.

In theory this should be relatively safe as there is a feature freeze at 
the aurora point. The risk is that a feature will be backed out from 
aurora prior to beta, and that would cause a break in compatibility that 
would not be reflected in a maximum revision of x.0  That issue could be 
addressed through additional complexity (such as bumping the minor 
revision at the aurora point) but I think it is better to live with the 
risk and its consequences rather than add complexity to the process.


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