statusbar usage in the main UI

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Wed Jun 8 14:08:36 UTC 2011

On 2011-06-07 6:23 PM, Chris Ilias wrote:
> Of course Thunderbird developers want to listen to users, but I think
> it's best to stay away from making statements on behalf of all users.
> I'm a fellow user; if I disagree with you on something, how do we know
> who's right?

I wasn't making a statement on behalf of *all* users, just those who
want to keep the statusbar... and I guarantee you there will be a whole
lot more than just me...

> This method of decision making seems very much based on opinions, when I
> think it would be better to gather metrics and use cases.

Unnecessary - it is a given that there will be a lot of us who want to
keep the statusbar, so, just give us both (those who don't want it, and
those who do) what we want... it isn't hard to do - the hard part is
simply accepting that there are those of us who will want to keep it.

> For instance, are there any indications that users feel they are not
> getting enough vertical screen real estate?

Just as any netbook user...

> In what cases do those instances occur?

How about 'People who have limited screen real estate'?

> If there is no data suggesting that it is an issue, why is there
> focus on creating more screen real estate?

Because it *is* an issue for a certain subset of users, and will be for
a long time to come.

> I realize data is hard to come by, but it seems like a more worthwhile
> discussion than what the codename should be and what the versioning
> should be.

Agreed wholeheartedly...

> I think if the right bugs got fixed, users wouldn't care what version
> number it is.

Disagree... as is evident by the fact that an argument discussion
already exists about it.

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