statusbar usage in the main UI

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Tue Jun 7 16:00:52 UTC 2011

On 2011-06-07 8:43 AM, Andreas Nilsson wrote:
> On 05/19/2011 06:28 PM, neandr wrote:
>> Maybe there are other, better contributions for "some vertical space"?!
>> A much more efficient approach would be to change / modernize the
>> whole "main UI" concept.
>> Today from the UI top down to the first message line in the
>> threadPaneContext we have the UI title and 5 (!) menu bars (main,
>> tool, tabs, the folder header & filter menu bar (if switched on),
>> threadPaneContext header line). To redesign this could bring much more
>> vertical space compared to the little statusbar height.

> I really want to fix that too, but it's quite some more work.
> Implementing stuff like the Firefox one-button approach is high on my
> wishlist, but a slightly harder nut to crack (need to run testpilot in
> order to figure out what menus people use the most etc.). Ideally we
> would have both fixed.
> Moving some of the status bar functions to other places would win us at
> least 20 pixels and removal of (most of the time) dead space.
> The mockup is now updated to reflect IMAP quota, url hover and addons bar.

I repeat - just please make this change *optional*, like the Firefox
guys did (the Status4Evar extension is one of the first extensions I
install to get it back permanently). Some of us not only like the
statusbar, we rely on it heavily, and if you remove it and don't allow
us to put it back (like I did with Firefox), you *will* most likely lose

Please, listen to your users... some of us *like* the status bar.

As neadr said, there is much more wasted space at the top of the UI
where all of the toolbars are thans is used by the statusbar.

I also didn't get a single comment on the screenshots of my modified
minimalist UI, and I'm surprised, seeing as this seems to be a topic of


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