Code names for Trunk builds

Mark Banner mbanner at
Mon Jun 6 22:00:54 UTC 2011

I'm starting this as a separate thread to make collation easier.

Firefox changed Minefield to Nightly as they wanted to attract more 
users to it and soften the name. We're thinking about changing the name 
for Shredder, though we haven't decided for definite yet. This decision 
may take us longer to complete on as trunk builds are already set up, 
and we're focused on getting the rapid releases moving smoothly, however 
as we're thinking about aurora code names, now seemed a good time to 
kick off the discussion.

Therefore, any suggestions for a new name for the trunk/nightly builds 
of Thunderbird?

The Nightly/Aurora/Beta/Release brandings of Firefox are designed to 
imply emerging features coming through the channels. We'd like to keep a 
sense of that for Thunderbird as well.


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