Code names for Aurora builds

Mark Banner mbanner at
Mon Jun 6 21:40:32 UTC 2011

For the Aurora builds, we're not going to be able to call them "Aurora" 
because that name will clash with the Firefox version. We don't want to 
use "Thunderbird Aurora" because that introduces the official name which 
starts to imply various standards that we don't want to promise to users 
at that stage.

The Nightly/Aurora/Beta/Release brandings of Firefox are designed to 
imply emerging features coming through the channels. We'd like to keep a 
sense of that for Thunderbird as well.

So we need a new code name. Drivers had a chat about this a while ago, 
and we came up with Borealis as a favourite due to its association with 
Aurora ( 

If anyone has any more suggestions, please let us know. We'll probably 
be making the final decision on Wednesday as we need to get these builds 
started, and having the code name at the beginning will be much easier.

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