Version number changes for Thunderbird

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at
Fri Jun 3 11:38:59 UTC 2011

Ben Bucksch schrieb:
> Right. And while in the US, people say "2005 BMW", we in Europe think in
> models. (And that might explain part of this discussion, because cars
> are often used as comparison.) I know there were 3 models of Mercedes
> C-Class, W202 starting 1994 (IIRC), W203 starting 2000, and W204
> starting 2008 IIRC. Once a major new model is released, the old model
> drops significantly in price. A used C-Class from 2000 is *a lot* more
> worth than one from 1999, because that's the newer model, while 2000 to
> 2001 almost makes no difference. And that reflects reality, because the
> W203 is indeed very different from the W202, while 2000 to 2001 makes
> almost no difference.

Hah, so now we know that Mozilla-related devs drive expensive cars. ;-)

But back to the problem at hand: That comparison is flawed. You can't 
get a free online update for your W202 to the W203 and the W204. And in 
our case, we will ship automated free online updates to all users of TB5 
once TB6 is out there - and actually, still using TB5 at that point will 
be a security risk.

Robert Kaiser

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