New Account Types directions - should SkinkGlue be core?

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at
Fri Jun 3 11:37:52 UTC 2011

David Bienvenu schrieb:
> I'd still really like to have a mechanism for adding content to
> Thunderbird that wasn't so closely tied to the existing heavyweight
> folder+server+url classes. That mechanism could simply provide simple
> hooks for getting the content into a pluggable store that looks like a
> local mailbox to Thunderbird and the pluggable store could deal with
> getting the content.

If Thunderbird is serious about the basic idea that was behind 
Netscape's and Mozilla's MailNews module from the beginning, then all 
message sources should be in a UI that is as unified as possible while 
providing most of the specific upsides of each as well.
Right now, that's most the case, though Thunderbird is as I understand 
falling apart visually at times due to the new experiments like faceted 
search etc. not fitting the style of the rest of the UI as smoothly as a 
UI designer would want it to be.

I think what Thunderbird would need is to have all, including the 
traditional, message types go through scriptable and more lightweight 
and pluggable interfaces.
(I personally also think that ultimately, Thunderbird needs to be able 
to run integrated within Firefox if it wants to survive, but that might 
just be myself dreaming things up.)

Robert Kaiser

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