Version number changes for Thunderbird

Joshua Cranmer Pidgeot18 at
Thu Jun 2 14:55:05 UTC 2011

On 06/01/2011 02:39 PM, Nikolay Shopik wrote:
> On 26.05.2011 22:06, Mark Banner wrote:
>> Therefore, we will be renumbering the current work in progress releases
>> as follows:
>>   * Thunderbird 3.3 (aka Miramar) will become Thunderbird 5.0 (based on
>>     gecko 5.0).
>>   * The builds which will be produced from comm-aurora (where we merged
>>     to last Tuesday), will become Thunderbird 6.0.
>>   * The builds from comm-central which are currently numbered 3.4a1pre
>>     will become Thunderbird 7.0.
> Having browser versionless isn't that bad, but email client isn't 
> suppose to be versionless because standards here isn't moving that 
> fast. And surface for attack is much less than in browser.

RSS feeds essentially port many damages and features of the web to 
Thunderbird. As for standards speed, IMAP has had a spurt of activity 
over the past two-three years that would be nice to to be fully 
implemented. In addition, email is perhaps the single most classical 
vector for viruses, if anyone cares to recall the "I love you" virus and 
its friends of that era.

Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it. -- Donald E. Knuth

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