The purpose of tb-planning.

Jeff Grossman jeff at
Thu Jun 2 13:49:32 UTC 2011

On 6/2/2011 6:14 AM, Mark Banner wrote:
> On 02/06/2011 02:01, Blake Winton wrote:
>>> But there's a difference between „we're planning X, we would like to
>>> know how you feel about, and announce our decision“ and „we decided X,
>>> and we don't care what you say“.
>> I agree, and I think we should keep the "we decided X" posts off this 
>> forum, because there isn't much useful conversation we can have about 
>> them. (On the other hand, the "we're planning X" threads I've read 
>> have been very helpful, and I would like to see more of them.)
> The reason I use tb-planning for a lot of these things, is that 
> because they are actually planning related. In the case of the version 
> information, we needed to announce it to developers and the closer 
> Thunderbird community (so that they would know what is happening with 
> the change of version numbers), and before we had time/opportunity to 
> announce it to the wider audience.
> I'm also well aware that not everyone reads the blog posts that we do 
> or the status meeting minutes, so having it in multiple places 
> including tb-planning seems better. You also see exactly this 
> happening with various things that get messaged on
> My concern with a separate announce list is that it would mean that 
> we'd end up with two lists for everyone interested to subscribe to. It 
> would also mean that people couldn't as easily ask a quick question if 
> there's something that is ambiguous or needs more detail in the 
> announcement, although in that case they might end-up asking on 
> tb-planning anyway.

The moderation part of tb-planning worries me a little bit in this 
regard though. Luckily Blake has not cancelled any posts (or at least I 
have not seen it) which he feels should not be dealt with here. But, he 
has said that he feels he went and approved too many posts already that 
should not have been approved because they are not moving the project 
further. If something would be announced on the announce list, but 
somebody felt like they needed to discuss it and brought it here to 
tb-planning and Blake (or the moderators in this case) decided to cancel 
the post because it was a decision already made that does not need any 
discussion, then there is no avenue to discuss the change that was 
announced. (Sorry for that run on sentence).

I think we should keep tb-planning and use it as much as possible to 
keep these types of discussions alive. I understand that some of the 
announcements might not be up for debate as such, but it still good to 
hear about other peoples opinions that might not have been thought off. 
Decisions that are made can always be changed if it is for the better of 
the project.


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