The purpose of tb-planning.

Jeff Grossman jeff at
Thu Jun 2 03:25:38 UTC 2011

On 6/1/2011 7:00 PM, Blake Winton wrote:
> On 11-06-01 21:21 , Jeff Grossman wrote:
>> On 6/1/2011 6:01 PM, Blake Winton wrote:
>>> I agree, and I think we should keep the "we decided X" posts off this
>>> forum, because there isn't much useful conversation we can have about
>>> them. (On the other hand, the "we're planning X" threads I've read
>>> have been very helpful, and I would like to see more of them.)
>> I understand they aren't necessarily helping move us forward, but I
>> think the communication channel needs to continue with the community. If
>> you decide to stop accepting posts because they are not moving us
>> forward how is this information going to get out to the community? If
>> you stop this flow of information you are only hurting the community.
> We have a number of other communication channels that I think you will 
> want to follow, if you want to get the flow of information. 
> and the weekly agendas you mention 
> below seem like the places we should put decisions we make for which 
> discussion wouldn't be as useful.  There's also the 
> newsgroup, but I don't think that's as 
> useful for this kind of thing.
> I'll let Roland mention some places where we welcome feedback.  ;)
Wow, do you think I could have put the word community in there anymore 
times?  Sorry about that.

I always forget about  Personally, I 
prefer e-mail to all other forms of communication.  Newsgroups would be 
my second choice.  But, I agree, I do not think would be a very good choice.

>>> For the version number thread, I haven't seen a lot of responses which
>>> are helping us get work done. (And to be clear, I regret approving the
>>> posts which agree with the decision, too, since they don't help us
>>> move forward either.) Out of the 21 posts, I could only find a couple
>>> of constructive ones, and that's not a great ratio…
>> Like I said, it is a good communication channel.   I have not seen any
>> other Thunderbird communication channel about what is going on. Reading
>> the weekly agendas really doesn't help much. There is not much detail
>> there.
> That is definitely something we should work on, then.  Do you have any 
> suggestions of other places you would want to check?  Along those 
> lines, what do you think about a read-only tb-announce list, where we 
> don't plan or discuss things, but instead post about decisions that 
> have been made (either by the tb-planning list, or the drivers, or 
> forced on us by other projects)?
A tb-announce list that I am able to get via e-mail would be a suitable 
option for me.  I think you will get a few different opinions about 
that, which makes it hard.  Some people like e-mail (myself included), 
some like newsgroups, and some like web pages.

I will think of some suggestions and let you know.  Like I said before, 
I just don't think the meeting agendas or 
are either updated frequently enough or with enough substance.  I will 
try to do a better job of following to keep 
up with current Thunderbird activities.

>> I understand the Thunderbird developers are short-staffed and
>> overworked, but don't remove the one avenue where I think most
>> communication is happening.
> I don't want to remove any avenues, but instead open up new places so 
> that we can discuss the things that need discussion, while still 
> letting people know about the things that have already been decided 
> without having everyone waste their time and energy debating them.
> If you have other ideas on how we can accomplish that, I would love to 
> discuss them with you here.  :)
I am in complete agreement with you.  Let's open up new avenues of 
discussion where a discussion needs to take place.  Otherwise, let's 
have a steady flow of information from the Thunderbird developers about 
the direction of the project.

> Thanks,
> Blake.

Blake thank you for your time.


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