Version number changes for Thunderbird

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Thu Jun 2 11:30:30 UTC 2011

On 02.06.2011 03:14, Rafael Ebron wrote:
> For example, Gmail users don't know what version number they're on.  
> They're just using Gmail. And the Gmail team ... are able to push 
> features without having to use version numbers.

Have you *ever* read a news item in a major news outlet that headlined 
"Gmail has new feature XYZ"? I can't remember any. Oh wait, there was 
one: The delete function, after there was an outrage that Gmail didn't 
really delete it, and Google had to respond to the public. There is *no* 
regular news about Gmail. That's exactly my point.

> We have surveys and data.

Could you share that?

> Here's some reality.  I drive a 2005 BMW X3

Right. And while in the US, people say "2005 BMW", we in Europe think in 
models. (And that might explain part of this discussion, because cars 
are often used as comparison.) I know there were 3 models of Mercedes 
C-Class, W202 starting 1994 (IIRC), W203 starting 2000, and W204 
starting 2008 IIRC. Once a major new model is released, the old model 
drops significantly in price. A used C-Class from 2000 is *a lot* more 
worth than one from 1999, because that's the newer model, while 2000 to 
2001 almost makes no difference. And that reflects reality, because the 
W203 is indeed very different from the W202, while 2000 to 2001 makes 
almost no difference.

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