The purpose of tb-planning.

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Thu Jun 2 02:00:31 UTC 2011

On 11-06-01 21:21 , Jeff Grossman wrote:
> On 6/1/2011 6:01 PM, Blake Winton wrote:
>> I agree, and I think we should keep the "we decided X" posts off this
>> forum, because there isn't much useful conversation we can have about
>> them. (On the other hand, the "we're planning X" threads I've read
>> have been very helpful, and I would like to see more of them.)
> I understand they aren't necessarily helping move us forward, but I
> think the communication channel needs to continue with the community. If
> you decide to stop accepting posts because they are not moving us
> forward how is this information going to get out to the community? If
> you stop this flow of information you are only hurting the community.

We have a number of other communication channels that I think you will 
want to follow, if you want to get the flow of information. and the weekly agendas you mention 
below seem like the places we should put decisions we make for which 
discussion wouldn't be as useful.  There's also the newsgroup, but I don't think that's as 
useful for this kind of thing.

I'll let Roland mention some places where we welcome feedback.  ;)

>> For the version number thread, I haven't seen a lot of responses which
>> are helping us get work done. (And to be clear, I regret approving the
>> posts which agree with the decision, too, since they don't help us
>> move forward either.) Out of the 21 posts, I could only find a couple
>> of constructive ones, and that's not a great ratio…
> Like I said, it is a good communication channel.   I have not seen any
> other Thunderbird communication channel about what is going on. Reading
> the weekly agendas really doesn't help much. There is not much detail
> there.

That is definitely something we should work on, then.  Do you have any 
suggestions of other places you would want to check?  Along those lines, 
what do you think about a read-only tb-announce list, where we don't 
plan or discuss things, but instead post about decisions that have been 
made (either by the tb-planning list, or the drivers, or forced on us by 
other projects)?

> I understand the Thunderbird developers are short-staffed and
> overworked, but don't remove the one avenue where I think most
> communication is happening.

I don't want to remove any avenues, but instead open up new places so 
that we can discuss the things that need discussion, while still letting 
people know about the things that have already been decided without 
having everyone waste their time and energy debating them.

If you have other ideas on how we can accomplish that, I would love to 
discuss them with you here.  :)

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