Version number changes for Thunderbird

Leni Mayo at
Thu Jun 2 01:19:35 UTC 2011

Just to note that addons not hosted at AMO won't have access to AMO's 
auto-bumping-maxVersion mechanism.  I wonder what non-amo-hosted firefox 
addons have done to avoid having to release every six weeks.


On 2/06/11 5:24 AM, Mark Banner wrote:
> On 31/05/2011 03:40, Unicorn.Consulting wrote:
>> This issue with sky rocketing version numbers will significantly
>> increase the 'another new version and this bug is not fixed' level of
>> dissatisfaction. Users expect change with a new version, even security
>> and bug fix releases. They might not be all that switched on to
>> exactly which version they have, but they do notice when they get one
>> and expectations are high that their personal problem will have been
>> addressed.
> I can understand what you're saying, but isn't that really an issue with
> the rapid release process and not with whatever version number format we
> go with? I think the fact that new users already get security & bug fix
> releases and they know when they do, will mean they are already used to
> another new version turning up.
>> The one thing about this that I have not seen discussed anywhere is
>> what it will do to addon comparability checking.
>> Will add on developers also need to release a new version every 6 weeks?
>> Will they simply start placing compatibility entries showing 3 to 99?
>> Will add on developers even bother?
> I haven't covered this yet for Thunderbird, but the plan is to follow
> what Firefox do - they have already have a process in place where they
> look at add-ons for interface uses that have changed, and bump the
> add-on compatibility version if none are detected. I believe they will
> be looking at incorporating user feedback as well (I think I saw some
> references to the add-on compatibility reporter being used to aid this).
> On the whole, I don't think we'd be breaking every extension every six
> weeks, so it is a lot less work for add on developers to do than first
> impressions might give. So far I believe the add-on coverage for FF 5
> from the automated bump is somewhere around the 75% to 80% mark, which
> IMO is a pretty good start.
> Mark.
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